Terms and Conditions

Lawyers for Learning is exclusively an in-school program. Tutors, in their capacity as volunteers with Lawyers for Learning, are not permitted to meet with any student from, or affiliated with, School 18 or from, or affiliated with, the Lawyers for Learning program outside of school. On rare occasions, with the explicit permission of the student’s parent or guardian, individuals who serve as tutors may on their own time meet with a student outside of the school and/or outside of ordinary tutoring hours, but such activity is entirely personal to the individuals involved and is not condoned nor sanctioned by the Lawyers for Learning program.

Similarly, tutors are not permitted to provide transportation for students before or after school in their capacity as volunteers with Lawyers for Learning. Students are responsible for their own transportation, if any, to and from school and to and from tutoring sessions. Any transportation of students by individuals who serve as tutors with Lawyers for Learning is not condoned nor sanctioned by the Lawyers for Learning program.

All tutoring should be conducted in common, public areas of the school. If an empty classroom is the only available space for tutoring, the session should be conducted at al times with the classroom door open, the lights on, and, to the extent possible, in the classroom seats closest to the classroom’s open door.

Tutors should meet students at the main office and escort them to and from the study space. Students should not be left unsupervised by the tutors at any time during the tutoring session or at the end of the session unless the student has the express permission of a teacher or school administrator.

Tutors are encouraged to acknowledge and respect the cultural diversity of the students, faculty and staff at School 18. Any observations about a student’s safety or emotional well-being that fall outside the parameters of tutoring but warrant concern should be brought to the immediate attention of the student’s teacher and/or the school administration, as well as to the immediate attention of a Lawyers for Learning officer and/or board member.

Tutors agree to review and become familiar with the Lawyers for Learning Handbook and agree to abide by the policies and procedures outlined therein.

Tutors agree to attend the orientation and training sessions conducted by Lawyers for Learning and the Buffalo City School District.

Tutors agree to observe confidentiality with respect to all information they may possess regarding any interaction with Buffalo City School 18, its students, families and any knowledge of confidential records.